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Takamatsu, a city of art facing a jewel of the world: the Seto


Takamatsu City Stone Museum

2014.03.17 by Pat Scanlon
The Takamatsu Stone Museum is located right in the heart of the stone masons' area in beautiful Aji & Mure areas in Kagawa. This is stone country. More specifically hard granite country with seemingly hundreds of stone masons' workshops and quarries.

The museum is one of the Gempai-Art Village Promotion Committee Office's attractions in the Aji area and underscored as tourists attractions, as there is a great deal to see in this area for overseas visitors.

There is a wonderful volunteer group in Kagawa named SGG acronym for The Systematized Goodwill Guides, who freely give their time to anyone that contacts them and they speak English and more than happy to assist anyone who contacts them preferably in advance to make arrangements. I have a lot of respect for these people and they can make all the difference to a visit in any of their designated areas. They are well worth contacting if you're coming to Takamatsu and visiting the areas nearby.
Mr. Narita was a tireless worker for the SGG and a dedicated leader of the SGG and for international understanding. http://www.city.takamatsu.kagawa.jp/ENGLISH1/kankou/seto/bgaid/bgaid.html

The museum has some remarkably lifelike mannequins dressed in the period and one can sense the physical effort that the pre -industrialized era workers must have endured. No cranes, no trucks just hard grinding labor with mallets, chisels and hemp ropes. The accidents must have been horrific. And often ...

All rocks are heavy but granite in particular is very dense, weighty and hard to move around. The museum has an excellent display of the tools from the period, so when you're here, my suggestion is this; well before arriving, contact the SGG to help with a visit and please keep in mind these people do this as volunteers.
I'll be back again soon.


1810 Mure, Mure-cho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, 761-0121
Tel: +81-87-845-8484
■Admission: Adults: \200?College Students: \150?High-, Junior-High and Elementary School Students: Free
■Hours: 9:00~17:00
■Closed Mondays (or the following day if a national holiday)
■Parking available for up to 50 cars

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Pat Scanlon

Pat has lived in Takamatsu for many years. Originally from Tasmania, Australia, he was involved in education at a variety of levels including as a specialist teacher for children with learning difficulties, and at senior high schools throughout the state. Until retirement recently, Pat was employed full-time by the I-Pal Kagawa International Exchange as a co-ordinator for international relations amongst other duties including traveling to schools and giving talks in Japanese to kids about Australia. He has been involved with youth education exchanges between Japan and Australia for many years. Pat is now a professional business consultant working with a well known Japanese company in the International Division.

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