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Takamatsu, a city of art facing a jewel of the world: the Seto

Art, Architecture, Sightseeing in 1 Day

Art, Architecture, Sightseeing in 1 Day

Takamatsu features a large number of works by world famous architects, and many architectual professionals and engineers visit Japan from all over the world just to see these works.

Works by new, younger architects are also continually being added.

Come and visit Takamatsu where you can experience the power of both the traditional and the new.

Depart from JR Takamatsu Station

Bus #15 bound for Kozai Shako (Via Kencho/Nisseki-mae & Miyawaki-cho)

Takamatsu Station Bus 15min

Arrive at Kagawa Prefectural Government Office

Kagawa Prefectural Government Office

Kagawa Prefectural Government Office, East Building

The East Building of the Kagawa Prefectural Government Office is a work of Kenzo Tange. It was selected as one of the 20 Best Examples of Modern Japanese Architecture. The building expresses the beams and pillars of Japanese traditional Kiwari-style(wood module style) construction all in concrete.

1st floor lobby

The ceramic tile mural "Harmony, Reverence, Serenity, Tranquility"(Wa/Kei/Sei/Jyaku) designed by artist, Geninchiro Inokuma. It is located in the 1st floor lobby creating an artistic atmosphere.

Yashima Food and drink booths Walk 15min

Yashima, viewable from the observation area on the 21st floor, is a beautifully shaped lava plateau that has been designated a National Natural Monument. Enjoy a short rest while gazing at the cityscape of Takamatsu in the cafe.

Depart from Kotoden Kawaramachi Station

Kawaramachi Station

Train (Kotoden Shido Line)

Train (Kotoden Shido Line) Train 15min

Arrive at Kotoden Yashima Station

Depart from "Yashima Sanjo" Shuttle Bus Stop

"Yashima Sanjo" Shuttle Bus Stop

Bus 2min

Arrive at Shikoku Mura Bus Stop

Shikoku Mura


Waraya Walk 3min


It is a special place to eat even among famous Sanuki Udon noodle shops and restaurants of Japan. Visitors can enjoy a taste of old Japan in a renovated thatched traditional house dating back to the end of the Edo Period. One of their specialties is the “Kazoku Udon” (family noodles), which is served in a large wooden tub intended for a large group of people.

Shikoku Mura

This open-air museum preserves old houses, traditional shops and facilities, farmers' Kabuki Theater, and other historic structures dating back from the Edo Period(1603-1868) to the Taisho Period(1912-1926). The total area of this architectural park is approximately 50,000 square meters. Visitors can also enjoy works of art by the sculptor Masayuki Nagare. Local stones from Kagawa Prefecture including Aji-ishi were incorporated in them.

Shikoku Mura

Shikoku Mura Gallery

Shikoku Mura Gallery

The Shikoku Mura Gallery showcases various artworks. The building itself is considered a work of art. It was designed by the prominent architect, Tadao Ando, and opened its doors in 2002.

Walk 15min

Kotoden Yashima Station

Kotoden Shido Line

Kotoden Shido Line

Train 14min

Transfer Train at Kawaramachi Station

Kotoden Kotohira Line

Kotoden Kotohira Line

Train 12min

Arrive at Kotoden Busshozan Station

Walk 3min


Bishoku Club

Bisyoku Club

Visitors can enjoy creative dishes which use plenty of seasonal ingredients. The menu is decided according to what ingredients are available each day, so visitors can enjoy and experience different flavors each time they visit Bisyoku Club.

Walk 6min

Busshozan Onsen

Busshozan Hot Spring

The noticeably bright building of the Busshozan Onsen was designed by the architect and manager, Shohei Oka. The hot spring features an interior bath as well as open-air baths where visitors can enjoy bathing while gazing at the stars in the night sky. It is said that the lukewarm hot spring provides both health and beauty benefits. Bathing while reading a book is recommended. Visitors can enjoy delicious shaved ice with home-made fruit syrup in the open lobby after bath.

Accommodations (guest house)


Enjoy conversing about your travel memories while relaxing in a swaying hammock.


Course Itinerary

Time Location
9:00 Takamatsu Station
9:15 Kagawa Prefectural Office
11:06 Kawaramachi Station
11:21 Kotoden-Yashima Station
11:45 Yashima Sanjo Shuttle Bus
11:50 Waraya
13:00 Shikoku Mura
15:00 Shikoku Mura Gallery
16:41 Kotoden-Yashima Station
17:05 Kawaramachi Station
17:17 Busshozan Station
17:20 Bishoku Club
19:00 Busshozan Hot Spring

Management of this model course

Cathy Hirano

I've lived in Japan since 1978. After graduating from a Japanese university with a BA in cultural anthropology in 1983, I worked as a translator in a Japanese consulting engineering firm in Tokyo for several years. My Japanese husband and I moved to Takamatsu in 1987 to raise our two children in a slower-paced environment away from the big city pressures. We've never regretted it. I work as a freelance translator and interpreter and am involved in a lot of community work, including volunteering for Second Hand, a local NGO that supports educational and vocational training initiatives in Cambodia, and for the Takamatsu International Association. I love living in Takamatsu.

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