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Takamatsu, a city of art facing a jewel of the world: the Seto

Seto Inland Sea, Jewel of the World

"There is nowhere else in the world greater than here."

Ferdinand von Richthofen (German geographer)

"I have visited most seas, such as..., but the Seto Inland Sea is more fabulous than any of them. It is so beautiful, a conglomeration of all the best things about all the others."

Thomas Cook (British father of modern tourism)

"This is some of the most beautiful scenery I have seen in Japan."

Philipp Franz von Siebold (German physician and naturalist)

Prominent figures of the 19th century visited the Seto Inland Sea and hailed its beauty. With the voice of the people of Kagawa who also recognize it, on March 16, 1934, the Seto Inland Sea was designated Japan's first national park. The Seto Inland Sea National Park's area has been expanded since then, as initially it was the waters near Kagawa Prefecture's coast.

(Seto Inland Sea National Park area, cf. Seto 80 Site)

The Seto Inland Sea continues to fascinate people throughout the ages. So what is the allure of this body of water?

The islands and the sea of quiet, gentle waves.
The hues of the scenery that alternate between a wide variety of expressions according to the season and the weather.

The people who carry on and maintain the traditions and lifestyles of their ancestors.

Different people are drawn to the Seto Inland Sea for different reasons, but they all feel an urge to tell others about their visit. The area somehow inspires nostalgia and seems to include a bit of everything. If you want to see this glittering world, head to Takamatsu, the greatest city along the Seto Inland Sea.

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