As of 2021 November

Gyoki-no-Yu Onsen (Hot Springs)

A hot spring facility adjoins the Shionoe Michi-no-Eki. The hot springs of the Shionoe hot spring village were discovered by Gyoki, a well-known Buddhist priest in the Nara period. Located in a quiet mountainous area, this traditional Japanese hot spring has a quaint atmosphere that heals its visitors along with the murmuring of the stream of adjacent Koto River.
Address 37-1 Shionoecho Yasuharakamihigashi, Takamatsu, Kagawa
Business Hours 9:00-21:00 *Customers may enter until 20:30.
Business holiday Tuesday (the following weekday if Tuesday is a national holiday)
Fees Adults: 520 yen; children (from 6 to 11): 260 yen; people 60 and up: 400 yen
*Childern below the age of 6: free
Access a short walk from Shionoe Bus Stop
approx. a 40-minute drive from Takamatsu Chuo IC
Parking Free parking
For inquiries +8187-893-1126