Tourism Inquires

Facilities name Contact
Kagawa / Takamatsu Tourist Information TEL +81-87-826-0170  
9:00-20:00(Open all year)
Takamatsu Airport Information TEL +81-87-814-3355  
8:30-21:45(Until the final flight arrives)
Takamatsu Convention and Visitors Bureau TEL +81-87-822-7060  
8:30-17:00(Only on weekdays)
City of Takamatsu Tourism and Exchange Section TEL +81-87-839-2416  
8:30-17:00(Only on weekdays)

Accommodation Inquiries

Facilities name Contact
Baggage Storage & Delivery Service, Coin Lockers Hotel Information TEL +81-87-822-7173  
9:00-18:00(Open all year)
Takamatsu Hotel Ryokan Dining Cooperative TEL +81-87-851-2661  
9:00-17:00(Weekdays and Saturdays)

Transportation Inquiries (fares, schedules and others)

Facilities name Contact
JR Shikoku Telephone Information Center TEL +81-570-00-4592  
8:00-20:00(Open all year)
Takamatsu-Kotohira Electric Railroad Co., Ltd.(Operation Office) TEL +81-87-831-6008  
5:30-23:00(Open all year)
Kotoden Bus Co., Ltd.(Transportation Service Department) TEL +81-87-821-3033  
9:00-17:00(Open all year)
Rent-a-Bicycle Management Center TEL +81-87-831-5383  
7:00-22:00(Open all year)