A variety of food, from seafood to mountain cuisine, including Sanuki udon Noodles, the representative food of Kagawa Prefecture, take root in Takamatsu City thanks to its location near the mountains and the sea.

Sanuki udon Noodles

Sanuki udon Noodles feature the perfect amount of salt and a strong chewy texture. A variety of noodles are available throughout the city and prefecture: regular stores where customers place an order at the table, self-service stores where customers place an order, carry their trays, pay, and return their bowls to the counter after dining, and noodle-making factories where freshly-made noodles can be sampled in the corner of the factory. It is soul food beloved by the locals from the past to the present.

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The scenic Seto Inland Sea is the perfect environment for fish, and is called a “natural fishpond.” Because the water temperature changes significantly depending on the weather, diverse fish gather each season. The fish meat is firm due to the rich nutrients and fast currents in the sea. Spanish mackerel, young yellowtail, sea bream, and octopus flourish. Many restaurants offer these fresh fish.
Hamachi no zuke don, a rice bowl topped with marinated yellowtail, the prefectural fish, is a delicious must-try.

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In addition to the top three Sanuki livestock, namely Sanuki Beef, Sanuki Yumebuta, and Sanuki Cochin, which are praised for their excellent taste, other high quality, original brand meat, such as Olive Beef and Olive Yume Pigs, which are fed squeezed olives, are also available. Japan’s leading breeding techniques cultivated over a long time and other traditions create the natural taste of the meat.
Grilled chicken-on-the-bone, seasoned with spices, is also a popular local gourmet dish.

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The climate in Takamatsu City, Kagawa, is warm with long hours of sunlight throughout the year. Vegetables are grown in a great environment, some of which boast leading rich harvests, such as lettuce, onions, garlic, and broccoli. Original prefectural varieties have also been developed, such as asparagus “Sanuki no mezame” and field mustard “Seto no haru.”

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Oiri is used as a wedding gift in Kagawa. It is also popular with tourists due to its pretty appearance and is a perfect souvenir. Wasanbon is a famous institution in the city and prefecture. As a next-generation sweetener, rare sugars attract great attention. Products made using this sugar are colorfully displayed in Japanese and Western confectionery shops.

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