1The Five Best Cherry Blossom Spots in Takamatsu City
Shikanoidesui (Deer well water)
This page introduces cherry blossom spots in Takamatsu recommended for visitors from late March to early April. Enjoy a cherry viewing picnic with a lunch and drinks!

2An Elegant Time Eating Morning Congee at a Teahouse in the Park
Ritsurin Garden
Opening and closing times at Ritsurin Garden are timed to match the times of sunrise and sunset. During the day, the garden is busy and bustling with crowds of tourists, but it is also gaining popular

3I visited a greenhouse of Sanuki no Mezame, which cultivates asparagus, a seasonal spring vegetable beloved by people in Kagawa.
Chinese Restaurant Beijing, Honkan
In spring, this asparagus can be found in nice locations in supermarkets. It is also included in the recommended items at restaurants with a note such as “Sanuki no Mezame has arrived!” This is an asp