1The New Year's food of Kagawa dates back to the Edo period. Anmochizoni contains the dreams of the common people.
Budo no ki, Japanese sweets restaurant
Japanese people traditionally eat ozoni (rice cakes boiled in vegetable soup) on festive occasions. This soup cannot be missed on Japanese dining tables in the New Year season. The ingredients and tas

2Taste Exquisite Grilled Oysters, Straight from the Sea
Nakanishi Kakiyaki
The temperature drops sharply in mid-November, and the season for the winter food that the people of Kagawa have waited for is here. Kagawa Prefecture is the leading area in Japan for oyster cultiva

3Rental bicycle recommended! "Udon noodles hopping trip" in the center of Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture.
There are about 500 udon noodles shops in Kagawa prefecture, (Note) The number of shops per population is the highest in Japan. There are many udon shops in the center of Takamatsu City, too.