1Essential autumn spots in Takamatsu! The top five must-see spots and future destinations to visit
There are a variety of scenic spots for autumn leaves in Takamatsu, from regular places to visit once to hidden delights. Discover beautiful, photogenic autumn foliage. Capture colorful autumn views

2Close in on the attractions of Yashimāru, a new symbol of Yashima!
Yashima Mountaintop Facility(a.k.a Yashimāru)
In 1934, Yashima was registered as the first National Park in Japan. Yashima attracts many people for its unique large rooftop-like shape and spectacular mountaintop view of the Seto Inland Sea and Ta

3Discover ten local souvenirs from Takamatsu, Kagawa, covering everything from sweets and food gifts to crafts and sundries, that we highly recommend!
One of the best parts of traveling is finding souvenirs along the way and at the end of the trip.