1Essential autumn spots in Takamatsu! The top five must-see spots and future destinations to visit
There are a variety of scenic spots for autumn leaves in Takamatsu, from regular places to visit once to hidden delights. Discover beautiful, photogenic autumn foliage. Capture colorful autumn views

2A two-day cycling trip to enjoy the sea, mountains, and rivers of Takamatsu
Ryuo Park
The Aji Peninsula area boasts the beauty of Seto Inland Sea and islands. The hot spring village of Shionoe is called the back room of Takamatsu. With the expansive scenery and plentiful food of the Ko

3You can taste chicken-on-the-bone in Takamatsu! A local specialty originating in Marugame City, Kagawa Prefecture.
The spicy aroma coming from the oven, the appetizing browning. Second to Sanuki udon noodles, chicken-on-the-bone is a specialty of Kagawa Prefecture that goes well with both beer and food. Born in