1Close in on the attractions of Yashimāru, a new symbol of Yashima!
Yashima Mountaintop Facility(a.k.a Yashimāru)
In 1934, Yashima was registered as the first National Park in Japan. Yashima attracts many people for its unique large rooftop-like shape and spectacular mountaintop view of the Seto Inland Sea and Ta

2A fortress floating in the waves? Attack the must-see spots around the historic ruins of Takamatsu Castle!
Takamatsu Castle is counted amongst Japan’s top 100 famous castles. It has numerous highlights hidden throughout that will appeal to all castle lovers. Let’s take a look at Tamamo Park, in which the

3The New Year's food of Kagawa dates back to the Edo period. Anmochizoni contains the dreams of the common people.
Budo no ki, Japanese sweets restaurant
Japanese people traditionally eat ozoni (rice cakes boiled in vegetable soup) on festive occasions. This soup cannot be missed on Japanese dining tables in the New Year season. The ingredients and tas