1Three select beaches in Takamatsu
Cape Takei (Aji-cho)
The Seto Inland Sea is calm, located between Honshu and Shikoku. The beauty of the landscape with many islands has mesmerized tourists and travelers since ancient times. Tranquil port towns and relaxi

2Hiking in Kagawa — Ideal for beginners and families! Omusubiyama in Takamatsu 
There are picture-perfect omusubi-shaped mountains in Kagawa!

3Take a trip while continuing to work! A workation on one of the Kagawa islands in Seto Inland Sea【Ogijima edition】
Kuwa to Hon
Takamatsu, Kagawa boasts a large number of workation sites. "Workation" is a portmanteau of "working"  and "vacation." A workation is a vacation that allows you to work remotely from a holiday desti