1A Hands-On Art & Craft Experience Making Traditional Wasanbon Sweets Using Wooden Moulds
With a variety of motifs that include seasonal flowers and good luck items, and their gentle-hued pastel colorings, Wasanbon are an indispensable part of any Japanese tea party. It feels enjoyable jus

2Special Place of Scenic Beauty Ritsurin Garden
Ritsurin Garden
An authoritative French travel guide (The Michelin Green Guide Japan) gave the Ritsurin Garden a top class three-star rating, saying that just the gardens alone were worth making a trip to visit. The

3Wander into the Shikoku of Bygone Days, at Shikokumura Outdoor Museum
Shikokumura Open-Air Museum
The entire Yashima area is a historical site, a battlefield that was the scene of one of the great battles of the Genpei War (a conflict that took place between the Taira (Heike) and Minamoto (Genji)

4“IruCa” – Essential Transportation Card in Takamatsu
If you go to Takamatsu for short or long term and intend to take some of the public transportation options you may want to try out the “IruCa” card that is offered by the Kotoden company.

5Ritsurin Garden A Trip in Search of Traditional Japanese Sweets
Ritsurin Garden
Here, we introduce a selection of recommended sweets and desserts that you should try while you take a break from your walk around the gardens. Some have a deep connection with the Ritsurin Garden, so