1Fully enjoy daffodils and gourmet food on the island! A daffodil walk and fish market event (Oidemaase Ogi)
Visitors can enjoy these flowers, which signal the arrival of spring, and gourmet dishes that use local ingredients.

2Go strawberry picking to eat as many fully, ripe strawberries as you can.
Ichigoya Sky Farm
A popular activity during the winter and spring is strawberry picking, which allows you to pick and eat strawberries on your own. There are several strawberry farms in Takamatsu. From January to early

3Discover seasonal crops any time of year in Takamatsu, a renowned citrus producing area.
Nanbara Noen
What comes to your mind when you think of citrus fruits? Oranges, mandarins, grapefruit, iyokan, ponkan, or unshu mikan?Citrus fruits are cultivated widely in the areas along the Pacific Ocean and Set