1A Must See if You’ve Got a Sweet Tooth! The Top Four Specialty Sweets in Takamatsu
For people with a sweet tooth, an essential part of any journey are the sweets. In Kagawa Prefecture, where wasanbon sugar is a specialty, anmochi (rice cake with a sweet red bean filling) has even b

2Wander into the Shikoku of Bygone Days, at Shikokumura Museum
Shikokumura Museum
The entire Yashima area is a historical site, a battlefield that was the scene of one of the great battles of the Genpei War (a conflict that took place between the Taira (Heike) and Minamoto (Genji)

3A two-day cycling trip to enjoy the sea, mountains, and rivers of Takamatsu
Ryuo Park
The Aji Peninsula area boasts the beauty of Seto Inland Sea and islands. The hot spring village of Shionoe is called the back room of Takamatsu. With the expansive scenery and plentiful food of the Ko