As of 2024 January

Cape Takei

The cape is on the northern end of the island of Shikoku. Chikamasa Ikoma enshrined Bato Kanzeon Bosatsu in a cave to be the deity protecting Takamatsu Castle's northeastern "demon's gate." Later, Yorishige Matsudaira, who had taken over Takamatsu Castle, enshrined Seishi Bosatsu and Juichimen Kanzeon Bosatsu. The cape is located within the precinct of Takeikannon Temple.
Address 5340-1 Ajicho, Takamatsu, Kagawa(Precincts of Takei Kannon Temple)
Access approx. a 30-minute walk from Aji Onsen Bus Stop
approx. a 35-minute drive from Takamatsu Chuo IC