As of 2024 January

Ryuo Park

One of the renowned cherry blossom spots in Kagawa-cho, Takamatsu City. Cherry trees are planted along the promenade that juts out into the center of Ryuman pond and the stone lanterns lining it are beautifully reflected on the surface of the pond. The park attracts many visitors who come to see the cherry blossoms as cherry trees continue to be planted and the environmental arrangement progresses.
Address Kawahigashi-shimo, Kagawa-cho, Takamatsu, Kagawa
Business Hours Open 24/7
Access approx. a 7-minute walk from Ryuman Ike (Ryuman Pond) Bus Stop
approx. a 20-minute drive from Takamatsu Chuo IC
For inquiries +8187-879-3211(Kagawa General Center, City of Takamatsu)
*We only reply to inquiries about the current state of the blooming flowers.