Recommended Ogijima and Megijima One-day Sightseeing Island Voyage Model Course

The boat is a familiar vehicle in Kagawa Prefecture with its many islands. It is normal to head off to an island for fun by boat and there are many people who commute to school and work by boat, as well. This course visits two islands in a single day. Board the Meon with its eye-catching striped patterns, and head to Megijima and Ogijima on this multi-stop journey!

  • 10:00

    STARTTakamatsu Port

  • Ferry 20 minutes

  • 10:20


  • Bus bound for the cavern 10 minutes

  • 10:35

    1Onigashima Cavern

  • Walk 10分

  • 11:10

    2Washigamine Observatory

  • Bus bound for the Oni-no-Yakata Visitor Center 10 minutes

  • 11:50

    3The Setouchi Triennale artwork near Megi Port

  • Ferry 20 minutes

  • 12:40


  • 4Ogijima’s Soul/Jaume Plensa

  • Walk 10 minutes

  • 13:00

    5Shops offering lunch and takeout

  • 14:00

    6Walking along the sloped village
    • Project for wall painting in lane, ogijima wallalley/Rikuji Makabe
    • Toyotamahime Shrine
    • Ogijima Library
  • Walk 25 minutes

  • 15:25

    7Ogishima Lighthouse

  • 15:45

    8Ogishima Lighthouse Museum

  • Walk 25 minutes

  • 16:40

    Ogi Port

  • Ferry 40 minutes

  • 17:40

    GOALTakamatsu Port

Takamatsu Port




About the Meon

A ferry linking Takamatsu Port with Megijima and Ogijima. The ferry was designed based on the image of a small striped boat passing between the islands of the Seto Inland Sea.


Megijima area

Megijima is commonly known as Onigashima. A cavern, discovered in 1914, was connected to the demons' den in the Legend of Momotaro, and the island came to be called Onigashima (which means Island of the Demons). This cavern came to be the sightseeing spot known as Onigashima Cavern today, and you can encounter some unique demons here. Head to the Washigamine Observatory after touring the cavern. The 360-degree view of the Seto Inland Sea and the island are highly recommended. Guest houses and shops line the beach, making the island feel more like a resort.


Bike rental

We recommend standard city bikes for flat paths along the sea and electric bikes for mountain paths.

Rental location 
Oni-no-Yakata Visitor Center
Rental times 

Oni-no-Yakata Visitor Center

Bus bound for the cavern10minutes

SPOT 01 Onigashima Cavern

Within the 400 meter-deep cave is a re-creation of a great hall and waiting room for demon guards. Cool even in summer, you may get a taste for testing your courage.

Onigashima Cavern


Bus bound for the cavern

The bus is a convenient way to get to Onigashima Cavern near the top of the mountain.



SPOT 02 Washigamine Observatory

The spectacular view as if standing in the middle of the Seto Inland Sea is alluring. You can enjoy the collaboration between the cherry blossoms and the sea in spring.

Washigamine Observatory

Bus bound for the Oni-no-Yakata Visitor Center10minutes

SPOT 03 The Setouchi Triennale artwork near Megi Port

The seagulls neatly lining the sea wall are works of art that completely blend in with the island scenery. Artwork outside can be enjoyed anytime.

Sea Gulls Parking Lot
20th Century Recall
Terrace Winds

Nearby spots

  • Megijima Beach
  • Megijima (Matsubara) Campground
  • Oni-no-Yakata Visitor Center,Onigashima




Ogijima area

Ogijima features a sloped mountain village, and you can get a feel for the unique history and life of the island. You can enjoy discovering cafes and shops while walking through the alleys. The food on Ogijima is also alluring, including famous octopus rice or a lunch full of homegrown vegetables. Once your stomach is full, walk along a path surrounded by plant life and trek to the Ogishima Lighthouse.

SPOT 04 Ogijima’s Soul/Jaume Plensa

The roof, formed with words from various languages, casts a shadow on the ground, reflecting the weather and the passage of time.

Ogijima Community Hall


SPOT 05 Shops offering lunch and takeout

A relaxing lunch while feeling the island breeze. Make sure to check beforehand what days they are open and whether or not you need any reservations.

Distinctive cafes and restaurants on Ogijima

  • Damonte & Co.
  • Ogijima Madoka
  • Sakura
  • Guest house Marimo-sou
  • Kaiseisyokudou
  • Elephant & Sun (Zoh to Taiyo)
  • ogijima yukulu


SPOT 06 Village walk

Project for wall painting in lane,
ogijima wallalley/Rikuji Makabe

Works of art depicting landscape silhouettes on scrap wood gathered on Ogijima. Though colorful, they mysteriously match well with the island landscape.

Toyotamahime Shrine

If you turn around while on the stairs leading to the shrine, you will see the long-forgotten sight of homes and a torii gate.

Ogijima Library

Ogijima Library is a community-based library that connects residents with books. It is a place that also fosters human relationship.


SPOT 07 Ogishima Lighthouse

A lighthouse built with Aji stone from Aji, Takamatsu. It is still active today, watching over ship operations. You can also tour the inside (reservation required, paid entry). The neighboring Ogishima Lighthouse campground offers BBQ ingredients (reservation required, charge).

Ogijima Tourism Association


SPOT 08 Ogishima Lighthouse Museum

This was where the lighthouse keeper lived, and is made from the same granite as the lighthouse. After being abandoned, it was reborn as a museum to convey the history of the lighthouse.

Ogishima Lighthouse Museum

Ogishima Lighthouse Museum


Ogi Port

Ogi Port


Takamatsu Port