A Romantic Night
in Takamatsu
One of the geographical advantages of Takamatsu is the port's proximity to the city center. You can easily explore the waterfront at dusk, move onto Downtown Takamatsu for dinner, and then spend a relaxing time at a bar. You'll never get tired of watching the sunset that illuminates the islands of the tranquil Seto Inland Sea, no matter how many times you see it. Driving to Mt. Yashima and the Goshikidai Highlands is also recommended. You'll be amazed by the sparkling cityscape spread out beneath you after dark.
7 things you can do in Takamatsu
A Walk
by the Sea
Takamatsu is a city that sees little rainfall and relatively good weather throughout the year. Because of these clear conditions, the sunsets in Takamatsu are especially beautiful. Take a leisurely stroll around Sunport Takamatsu while basking in the glow of sunset.
The red lighthouse, commonly known as "Setoshirube", is the world's first lighthouse made of glass. It's located about a 5-minute walk from Takamatsu Port. The red glow of the lighthouse looks magical as it gets darker and darker. There is a boardwalk that leads up to the lighthouse, so it's perfect for a stroll while watching the beautiful changing scenery.
7 things you can do in Takamatsu
Out to See
the Sunset
and Nightscape
Sometimes it's nice to drive out a little further to see the wonderful evening scenery. From the top of Mt. Yashima, you can take in views of the Takamatsu cityscape and beyond, including the picturesque islands floating in the Seto Inland Sea. It takes approx. 30 minutes by car from the city center to Yashima, the rooftop-shaped mountain located in the northeastern part of Takamatsu. The panoramic view from the Shishi-no-Reigan Observatory is truly spectacular, and officially designated as one of the 100 most scenic sunsets, as well as the 100 most beautiful night spots, in Japan. It's a unique sight that you can only see from Yashima. As the ships and boats cross the sea, the setting sun changes the colors of the sky from orange to red, fading to purple as the day ends. The streetlights begin to sparkle like jewels as the night falls.
The Goshikidai Highlands area, located in the northwest of Takamatsu, is also a recommended night view spot. The city lights of Takamatsu shine brightly nestled in the low mountains with the gentle round shape typical of Kagawa Prefecture,

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7 things you can do in Takamatsu
Sake Night
in Downtown
In the central area of Takamatsu, the shopping arcades are lined with bars and restaurants to accommodate tastes of all kinds, so come enjoy a night out. Don’t forget to sample some local sake while in our area! There are outstanding sake brands brewed in Kagawa prefecture, such as Kunishige, Kawatsuru, Kinryo, Gaijin, and more. There are many restaurants and eateries that serve local sake in Takamatsu, so you can go just for sake tasting, or enjoy sake with local delicacies. Such specialty dishes include sun-dried Spanish Mackerel roe, or Sawara Karasumi, and soy sauce marinated fava beans known as Shoyu Mame.
7 things you can do in Takamatsu
Stylish Bars
Worth Visiting
There are many places especially for lovers and couples to enjoy in Takamatsu. For instance, the Aji area was one of the movie locations for Isao Yukisada's Socrates in Love, also known as Crying out Love, in the Center of the World. After visiting picturesque places for lovebirds, enjoy delicious local cuisine and a romantic moment at a bar with a friendly atmosphere. From authentic to unique, there are many secret hideaways in Takamatsu. We hope you will find your favorite one that you’ll visit again and again.