Savor the
Local Cuisine
in 'Udon Kingdom'
You just can't miss Sanuki Udon noodles while in Takamatsu, Kagawa! It’s the most iconic local food characterized by the freshly-made noodles with the perfect texture in flavorful broth. It's a delicious comfort food. There are more local favorite foods made with unique ingredients, including spicy grilled bone-in chicken called Honetsuki-dori, olive beef fed with olive products, and fresh seafood from the Seto Inland Sea.
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A Craving for
Sanuki Udon
Sanuki Udon noodle shops are located throughout Kagawa Prefecture, and Takamatsu is no exception. There are various types of Udon noodle shops in Takamatsu. They can be categorized into the following 3 categories: (1) a restaurant where you can order food from your seat (2) a self-serve shop where you order, get your own tray with food, pay, eat, and return the tray after meals (3) a noodle factory where you can eat freshly made noodles in the corner of the shop. The local people usually have at least one favorite Udon noodle shop and favorite way to eat. We hope you will find your favorite bowl of noodles. There are also Udon schools, where you can learn how to make Udon.
7 things you can do in Takamatsu
A Special Treat
for Meat and
Poultry Lovers!
Next to Sanuki Udon noodles, the most famous local food in Kagawa is Honetsuki-dori, which is a spicy grilled bone-in chicken thigh and leg. At Honetsuki-dori specialty restaurants, you have a choice of a moist and tender young bird, Hina-dori, or a chewy and flavorful mature bird, Oya-dori. Local people eat it with a cabbage garnish and rice balls. Don't forget the ice cold beer to go with it!
Alternatively, olive beef steak is perfect for a more luxurious dinner. The cows are raised here in Kagawa and fed a special diet including pressed olive pulp, which gives the meat a light and sweet flavor.
7 things you can do in Takamatsu
Fresh Seafood from
the Seto Inland Sea!
The Seto Inland Sea is a treasure trove of seafood. Under the gentle current, various aquaculture products, such as octopus and Spanish mackerel, are cultivated, making it a natural fish farm. Sawara, or Spanish mackerel, signals the arrival of spring in Japan. It has few bones, and its flavor and tender texture are similar to chutoro, medium fatty tuna belly. It's versatile and delicious in any dish. In addition, Olive Hamachi or yellowtail is cultivated on olive feed. It is known for its refreshing and delicious umami flavor. Hamachi-Zuke-Don, a rice bowl topped with sliced marinated Olive Hamachi, is very popular from fall to winter. During winter, it is also recommended to go to an oyster hut near the Mure fishing port area to enjoy fresh oysters.
7 things you can do in Takamatsu
Eat Anmochi Zoni
Like a Local!
"Anmochi Zoni" is a traditional local dish for a special day. This soup containing Daikon radish, carrots, and Mochi rice cakes filled with sweet bean paste is eaten during New Year's holidays in Kagawa. It's very rare even in Japan, and the exquisite harmony of the saltiness of the white miso and the sweetness of the bean paste is surprisingly wonderful. There are several cafes and restaurants in the city where you can eat Anmochi Zoni. It is very popular among tourists!