Rental bicycle recommended! "Udon noodles hopping trip" in the center of Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture.


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  • Rental bicycle recommended! "Udon noodles hopping trip" in the center of Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture.

There are about 500 udon noodles shops in Kagawa prefecture, (Note) The number of shops per population is the highest in Japan. There are many udon shops in the center of Takamatsu City, too.If you want to visit many udon shops a day, Renting a bicycle is very useful. Here are some tips for "Udon hopping trips" by a bicycle.

Why is "Udon hopping trip" so popular in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture?

If you visit Kagawa prefecture, the kingdom of Udon, you should absolutely try to eat and compare udon noodles at the various shops.
People (adults) can eat a few udon balls of small size at once. Each udon shop has a wide variety of menus, so you won't get bored.At a self-served shop, one ball of "Kake " is reasonable and costs about 200 yen, so you can casually enjoy udon. That is the reason why "Udon hopping trip" is popular.
Why don't you take it and try to master "Sanuki udon" ?

Click here for more information about types of udon and how to order.

Sanuki Udon noodles' rules released! Kagawa locals tell you “How to behave at self-served udon shops”.

There are many udon shops in the center of Takamatsu City.

Udon shops in the center of Takamatsu have varied business styles, such as shops that are open early in the morning, shops that are open only for a few hours in the afternoon, and shops that are open at night when you can stop by after drinking.Make sure to check the business hours and regular holidays in advance and plan how to go around. Then set off on the "Udon hopping trip".

Rental bicycle is ideal for "Udon hopping trip"

It is convenient to move around in the center of Takamatsu City by bicycle, sconce the City is compact and has few ups and downs. You can rent a bicycle at 7 cycle ports in Takamatsu City.

<Cycle Ports with staff>
Business hours 7:00-23:00
・Underground of Takamatsu Station
・Underground of Kawaramachi Station
・In front of Ritsurin Garden Station

<Cycle Ports without staff>
Business hours 7:00-22:00
・City Hall
・In front of JR Ritsurin Station
・In front of Kataharamachi Station
・Marugamemachi Bicycle Rental Port

How to use a rental bicycle

Stretch your legs out to a suburb for udon shops

If you're going to suburb udon shops in Takamatsu, we recommend renting an electrically assisted bicycle or a sports-type bicycle.

▼Giant Store Takamatsu rental bicycle
▼Takamatsu Airport Area Map

Recently, the number of udon shops that installing cycle stands for sports-type bicycles is increasing.

Check out for udon shops in the suburbs of Takamatsu City on the Kagawa Cycling Map.

Kagawa Cycling Map (Takamatsu Route Version)

"Kagawa Kiwa-Noodle Trip Stamp Rally" for enjoying Sanuki udon

In Kagawa Prefecture, a stamp rally is being held now, where you can win olive beef or collaboration products Yadon that is "Udon Prefecture PR character" by lottery. Eat udon at the participating udon shops and collect stamps.
Why not add one more to your shop-list you want to go, such as udon noodles with prefecture-produced olive beef, unique and photogenic udon and so on.

time period October 1at, 2020-Febuary 28th ,2021
Kagawa Kiwa-Noodle Trip Stamp Rally

Udon has its own originality as many as the number of udon shops. While you are enjoying the "Udon hopping trip" on a bicycle, find your favorite udon.

Kagawa Prefecture Statistics Information Corner (released in March 2020)
From the statistical table of the number of shops

Gathering date:2020.12.2


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