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All Takamatsu ferries have their own unique characteristics 

Takamatsu is and has always been a strategic location for marine traffic in the Seto Inland Sea. The traffic created by ships connecting Takamatsu to Honshu and other islands is heavy around Takamatsu Port and Takamatsu East Port.

Ferry bound for Megijima/Ogijima

The eye-catching striped hull and superstructure of the Meon stands out against the Seto Inland Sea.

Ferry bound for Ikeda Port, Shodoshima

Kokusai Maru No. 1 and Kokusai Maru No. 11 are characterized by their masts which feature a panda and elephant and by their colorful rainbows. 

Ferry bound for Tonosho Port, Shodoshima

Shodoshima Maru No. 1 features a painting of Olive Shimachan, a mascot representing olives, a specialty product of Shodoshima.

Ferry bound for Naoshima

Asahi, a Naoshima-bound ferry, is decorated with a diamond motif, while Naoshima, her sister ferry, has polka dot pattern.

Jumbo Ferry Aoi connecting Takamatsu, Shodoshima and Kobe

The Aoi was born from the concept, "a terrace resort floating in the Seto Island Sea," in 2022

The Aoi offers a taste of a cruise ship's on-board experiences.

Enjoy the cruise from the captain's perspective

If you are a fan of ships, you cannot miss this spot.

Captain seats(Exclusively for premium seat passengers)

The captain seats are located in the first row. There are replicas of the navigation instruments on the bridge that work with the movement of the ship.

The binoculars used by the captain are also there.

Terrace of Light, Terrace of Wind(Exclusively for premium seat passengers)

The Terrace of Light is located on the forward deck above the bridge. From the handrail, you can enjoy the same view that the captain sees.

The Terrace of Wind is on the deck where you are fully exposed to the wind.

Taking photos in the captain's uniform

A captain's uniform and cap are available on the ferry for taking photos. Why don't you take a memorable photo in your favorite spot?

Playful decorations inspired by the landscape of Shodoshima

The ferry's interior is filled with motifs that symbolize Shodoshima, such as hishio (soy sauce), ishi (stones) and tanada (terraced rice fields) motifs.

The lobby space represents the tanada (terraced rice fields) of Shodoshima.

The kid's space was designed to include images of the Shodoshima stones used in the stone walls of Osaka Castle.

The benches are designed after soy sauce barrels are popular spots for photos.

Spaces enabling many different kinds of travel

The Terrace of the Sea where you can relax while enjoying a footbath(Exclusively for premium seat passengers)

The creamy white ion spring water containing microbubbles is said to help your skin be beautiful and increase blood circulation.

Handrails with protective glass just like a large cruise ship. Why don't you walk on the Sea-through deck partially protected by glass?

The Terrace of the Sky deck offers a magnificent panoramic view 

The best part is the ever-changing scenery that includes the other ships that go by, islands, cities and the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge.

Lawn space in the middle of the natural wood deck. Picnic while sailing.

The window into the Cycle Pit looks like a shop window

You can bring in your bicycle without storing it inside a bike bag.

It looks like a bicycle exhibition.

Barrier-free facilities convenient for everyone

Fully equipped with wheelchair accessible tables, elevators capable of accommodating stretchers and multifunctional restrooms

Fully furnished child care facilities, as well

Considerations are taken for families traveling with small children, including nursing rooms and baby seats.

Have the best cruising experience in the premium seats

Premium seat passengers can use the footbaths and other exclusive facilities.

Comfortable reclining seat

There is 25 cm of space between seats so you can sit back. There is 1 m or more space from the seat behind you, allowing you to recline your seat to any leaning position.

Relaxing balcony cabin

Relaxing family cabin

You can bring your bicycle aboard without disassembling it.

Cabin for passengers with pets

Unique gourmet food on the ferry

Funepippi offers dishes that feature ingredients produced in Kagawa. Pippi is a children's word in the Sanuki dialect meaning Udon.

The vending machines accept cashless payments.
Popular dishes include unique gourmet dishes such Sanuki lemon udon topped with slices of lemon produced in Niocho, Kagawa, and olives and island udon topped with Marukin soy sauce crackers produced in Shodoshima.

Fully equipped with priority tables for people ordering udon.

Checking out the Aoi merchandise is a must.

You can get on board without a paper ticket by using the convenient QR-code smart system

You only need your QR code ticket to pass through the ticket gate or enter the premium seat area. If you purchased a ticket online, the QR code for your ticket will be sent to your smartphone and there is no need to go through procedures at the counter.

Ask Tatsumi Nakamura, a painter specialized in ships, about what he likes the best about the Aoi

Tatsumi Nakamura, who was commissioned to design the GOSEN-IN Cruise Stamp of the Aoi, is such a big fan of ships that he goes onboard about 100 ships a year.

His favorite spots on the Aoi are the Terrace of Light and the captain seats. "It is great fun to sail the Seto Inland Sea since you can enjoy changing scenery of the islands and cities and the many ships that go by," says Mr. Nakamura. Another favorite spot of his is the Terrace of Sky which offers a magnificent panoramic view.

He introduces the Aoi in his book, "Sentai Kaibozu NEO (Anatomy of The NEO)." The book became very popular for its unique idea of cutting open the ship to show her interior equipment and structure. His meticulously detailed, yet slightly distorted drawings are all hand-drawn. The book fully displays his talent and his love for ships.

Knowing the ship's structure inside and out, he first constructs a three-dimensional ship in his head and then draws it. He started drawing the Aoi even before the actual ship was completed. He constructed her in his head just by looking at the design drawings. Why not explore the Aoi while looking at his illustrations?


Jumbo Ferry Aoi

5-12-1 Asahimachi,Takamatsu, Kagawa

Takamatsu Airport-Takamatsu Station-Takamatsu ferry port-(Jumbo Ferry Aoi)-Kobe ferry port-Kansai International Airport

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Gathering date:2023.11.15


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