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Craft beer is made in wide varieties and limited quantities at small-scale breweries. Beers change seasonally, so it is fun to encounter the beer offered when you visit. You can also learn about the brewer's thoughts on beer brewing in the neighboring taproom.
We visited three taprooms in Takamatsu.

Takamatsu's Craft Beer Breweries

Brewery:Shirosuzume/Taproom:Beer Room Torikago

Brewer Hiromu Muraishi carefully pours beer from the center of the U-shaped counter.

When he was in college, Hiromu had his first taste of a foreign craft beer. He was impressed by the flavor and became a brewer at Baird Brewing, a leading brewery in Japan.
Born in Miyagi Prefecture, he was drawn to the quiet of Takamatsu and its shopping street, which was full of human connections, when he visited. He decided that if he were ever to have his own shop, it would be in Takamatsu.

When brewing beer, he focuses on creating a flavor that makes you want to drink it again.
We tried a flight of the daily recommended beers.

Hashirumado had an amber color and a sweet, berry-like aroma.

Matoi was coffee-colored and had a chocolate-like richness.

The shirosuzume (or "white sparrow") is an auspicious bird found in the Nihon Shoki ("The Chronicles of Japan"). The brewery's name incorporates a desire for good things to come to those who visit.

Address 2-17-11 Tagacho, Takamatsu, Kagawa
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For inquiries 090-3779-7589
Business Hours Taproom
Saturdays and Sundays:11:00~20:30
Regular days closed Thursdays
Official website Official website


Brewery:Setouchi.co.ltd/Taproom:Riverside 351

Setouchi.co.ltd has a taproom with several large tanks in the back.
In addition to its own beers, Setouchi has worked on a variety of other beers, including OEM products, collaborative products, and products from brewers without their own breweries. In just two years since launching in 2021, they have produced 180 varieties of beer.

They offer eight varieties of beer in their taproom, including their own beer.

The SETOUCHI series of beers are light and pair well with the crisp Setouchi climate. They can also be purchased in bottles.

Brewer Kohei Doi originally specialized in pharmaceutical sciences. He said that while brewing involves many processes that are difficult to control, he finds it interesting to be creative with flavor and aroma by calculating the few processes that can be controlled.

He plans to create new beers in the future by discovering local Kagawa ingredients.

Come and visit by looking for the sign with taps on it.

Address 3-5-1 Matsushimacho, Takamatsu, Kagawa
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For inquiries 087-805-3875
Business Hours Taproom
Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays:12:00~20:00
Bottle shop(You can purchase canned beer)
Monday to Friday in addition to the above 9:00~18:00
Official website Official website

Online Store



This taproom is located near the shopping street, and guests stop by in the evening as if drawn in by the lights.

OHLOY means "blessed rain" in the local dialect. Brewer Hitoshi Watanabe named the taproom with a desire to bring richness to people and the community through beer.

They offer eight varieties of beer in their taproom, including their own beer. While there are endless combinations of malt and hops, he tries to create beers with flavors that pair well with food and are easy to drink.

Seki is a Takamatsu bonsai-themed beer, and it expresses the strength and flavor of pine trees.

The art on the bottle label is based on black pines from Nakanishi Chinshoen, a bonsai garden in Takamatsu, and was drawn by Kaede Nishihara, a local illustrator.

At the taproom, Hitoshi also offers products from creators he has a connection with, and he plans pop-up events with the people he meets.

Interesting things are created here in this hub.

Address 1F,YAMA BLDⅡ, 3-4 Uchimachi, Takamatsu, Kagawa
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For inquiries 080-5669-5990
Business Hours Taproom・Bottle shop
Regular days closed Tuesdays
Official website Official website

Online Store


Kagawa's delicious cuisine pairs well with beer

Kagawa's chicken on the bone and Setouchi fish go great with beer.

▼You can taste chicken-on-the-bone in Takamatsu! A local specialty originating in Marugame City, Kagawa Prefecture.

▼Taste Exquisite Grilled Oysters, Straight from the Sea

▼Savor the local fish of Takamatsu, Kagawa, caught in winter in the Seto Inland Sea

▼Spring always begins with Spanish mackerel in Setouchi! What is the exclusive special here?

Introducing shops in Takamatsu to enjoy a drink.

▼Drop in for a drink, and also a meal if you want! Five places where you can fully enjoy the evening in Takamatsu.

Gathering date:2024.3.28


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