You can taste chicken-on-the-bone in Takamatsu! A local specialty originating in Marugame City, Kagawa Prefecture.


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  • You can taste chicken-on-the-bone in Takamatsu! A local specialty originating in Marugame City, Kagawa Prefecture.

The spicy aroma coming from the oven, the appetizing browning.
Second to Sanuki udon noodles, chicken-on-the-bone is a specialty of Kagawa Prefecture that goes well with both beer and food.
Born in the 1950s in a restaurant in Marugame City, Kagawa Prefecture, chicken-on-the-bone has now spread throughout Kagawa Prefecture as a local specialty, and there are many restaurants in Takamatsu that serve chicken-on-the-bone.

How did the chicken-on-the-bone come about in Kagawa Prefecture?

The chicken-on-the-bone was invented by a couple who ran a restaurant in Marugame City, Kagawa Prefecture, who saw a scene in a Hollywood movie where a woman bites into a large bone-in fried chicken and thought, "I want to serve such a luxurious food in my restaurant.
In Kagawa Prefecture, many people eat chicken-on-the-bone instead of roast chicken at Christmas.

How did chicken-on-the-bone become a local specialty in Kagawa Prefecture?

In fact, because Kagawa Prefecture had a port suitable for importing grain, feed factories for poultry farming were built, and egg farming also flourished because of its proximity to consumption areas shuch as Osaka area.Also, many families in the countryside have been keeping chickens for a long time, and when the hens which stopped laying eggs would be served as a feast for celebrations.
Perhaps it is because Kagawa Prefecture has a deep-rooted chicken culture that the chicken-on-the-bone were widely loved by the people of the prefecture.

How to cook chicken-on-the-bone?

Making the chicken-on-the-bone is simple. Season the chicken with garlic, salt, and pepper, place it in the oven, and bake for 20 minutes.Each restaurant has its own way of seasoning and grilling the food, and each restaurant's individuality stands out even in the simple process.

The meat was browning and the chicken oil was slowly seeping out.
When the skin is crispy, the meat is fluffy, and the surface is golden brown, it is done.

When the chicken oil full of flavor is poured over the dish, the aroma that spreads throughout the kitchen stimulates the appetite.Some restaurants cut slits in the meat of the chicken-on-the-bone to make it easier to eat.

Biting down on the meat is the way to eat chicken-on-the-bone in Kagawa.

Elegantly using chopsticks" is not appropriate for chicken-on-the-bone. The Kagawa way is to wrap a paper napkin around the bone and bite into it with gusto.

There are two types of chicken-on-the-bone: young chicken and parent chicken. Young chicken is juicy and tender, and is easy for children to eat.You can taste the firm crunch and the natural flavor of the parent chicken. It is recommended to order two types of chicken-on-the-bone and share them to compare.

when you order a chicken-on the bone, the cabbage comes with it, you can dip it in the chicken oil on the plate.

Don't forget to try the side dishes that go great with the chicken-on-the-bone.
Chicken rice cooked in chicken broth soaks up the flavor of the chicken in every grain of rice.
Kawasu is a side dish of boiled (fried) chicken skin made in vinegar and soysauce. You can enjoy it as a refreshment.

Even restaurants that serve chicken-on-the-bone have different menus, so it might be good to check out what kind of menues they have before you visit.

Please try the chicken-on-the-bone that is the result of Kagawa's chicken culture and the restaurant owner's ideas.

Gathering date:2021.1.19


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