Three nice spots for spending a twilight in Setouchi, a place you should visit during your stay in Takamatsu


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Twilight is that short period of time of just after sunset.

The sunset sky displays gradations of vivid color while the sky shifts into the deep blue night sky. Let's stroll and enjoy the beauty of the landscape of Takamatsu, a city in Seto, during such a magical time.

Kitahama Alley - A night landscape in a nostalgic neigborhood

Kitahama Alley is a popular place located ten-minutes' walk from theTakamatsu Port ferry depot.

Kitahama Alley is a commercial complex that was converted from warehouses in Kitahama, the old port town that had existed in the early years of the Showa Period.

Literally, it is an alley, with knick-knack stores and restaurants lining it in this charming neigborhood.
Just take a short walk along it. You will feel the nostalgic atmosphere of the port town.

You can enjoy the fresh sea wind blowing during the day, and the atmospheric moment when the dusk gathers and lights turn on in one corner of the port town

The warm lights add to the nostalgic atmosphere.

After six o'clock, you can smell delicious food coming from nearby. It may be a good idea to dine out. Some restaurants are open until the late hours.

Check the hours of the stores and restaurants in Kitahama Alley in advance because business hours vary individually.

Kitahama Alley◆

Yashima - one of the nicest sunsets in Shikoku

Yashima boasts Takamatsu's number-one mountain lanscape view, a plateau that looks like a roof.

Shishi no Reigan Viewpoint is the viewing spot that has been chosen as one of Japan Sunset and Night Views Best 100.
You can enjoy a panoramic view from a mountain that is about 290 meters above sea level.

From dusk to sunset, the blue sky turns reddish with gradations of color. The colors of the sky and sea are changing every moment.

The surface of the sea glows with the evening sun and then darkens. In contrast, lights in town turn on one after another.

One of the typical scenes in Setouchi is the small and large boats coming and going between islands under the slowly setting sun.
From the Shishi no Reigan Viewpoint, you can see the nearby islands where The Setouchi Triennale is held.
Check the bus schedule and/or business hours of the parking lot before visiting Yashima. The bus schedule varies by season. For more information, click here (!!INSERT URL!!).

Yashima Sanjo Shuttle Bus

Megijima - experience the beauty of islands and ocean at the island and sea

You can enjoy Takamatsu's twilight even when you are on an island or on the sea, in sports that aren't well known.
Megijima is an especially nice place because of the easy access from Takamatsu Port, about 20 minutes by ferry.

The observation platform on the top of Mt. Washigamine is about 2.5 kilometers from Megi Port. We recommend you go there by bus (shuttles five times a day) or rent a power-assisted bicycle at Onigashima Oni no Yakata at the port (until 5:00 p.m.).

Go up to the observation platform about 190 meters above sea level, and overlook the islands in Setouchi.

You will get an almost 360-degree panoramic view of the neighboring island Ogijima, the city of Takamatsu, Oshima, and in the western direction, Naoshima, and The Seto Ohashi bridge.
If it is fine and the air is clear, you will be able to see the mountains in Okayama.

This is a scenic viewpoint where you can feel the beauty of the islands in Setouchi.

Chartering a captained small boat is a good idea to enjoy views from islands or the ocean. Conveniently, you can telephone to arrange for a boat.

Feel the splashes of the seawater, and even the movement of the waves because the ocean surface is very close.
It is an experience that you rarely have on a large ship like a ferry.

Setoshirube, the world's first glass lighthouse, will welcome you on your return to Takamatsu Port.
The night view reflected in the seawater looks more beautiful within the port because waves are calmer than offshore.

Enjoy the ripples lit by dusky light in the moment of twilight.

Gathering date:2019.7.18


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