“IruCa” – Essential Transportation Card in Takamatsu


If you go to Takamatsu for short or long term and intend to take some of the public transportation options you may want to try out the “IruCa” card that is offered by the Kotoden company. There are two public transportation companies in Takamatsu, the local Kotoden company and Japanese Railways. IruCa is for the Kotoden public transportation system. You can use it for the trains as well as the busses in whole Takamatsu.

With the IruCa-Card it gets a lot easier to use the public transportation in Takamatsu.


How to buy

You can buy the IruCa at all counters with Kotoden employees. Sometimes these employees only speak limited English but there are guides for purchasing it in English at the counters.


Main places you can buy it at

Takamatsu Bus information office/ Takamatsu-chikko station/ Kawara-machi station/ ritsurin-garden station.


The cheapest option is a card for ¥2,000.
This card already includes a ¥1,500 prepaid deposit
The remaining ¥500 are a deposit that will be refunded to you when you return the card.

How to use

It’s most likely used the same way as in your home country and couldn’t be any easier.

automatic ticket gate

For the train

Charge your card at one of the machines that are available at all the stations around Takamatsu.
Put your card on the automatic ticket gate when entering your departure station.
Put your card on the automatic ticket gate when leaving the end station.

In the bus

Get in at the back door and touch the automatic ticketing device with your card
Touch the ticketing device at the front of the bus with your card again as you leave the bus.

At rental bicycle

You can pay with your card at the payment machine for bike rentals.

How to Return

To return the card simply return it to a Kotoden employee at one of the counters.
You will receive the remaining card balance +the ¥500 despot – ¥100 commission cost.

We hope you enjoy your convenient travels around Takamatsu!

Gathering date:2017.8.29


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