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Partly because of the Setouchi Triennale, the sea and islands of Setouchi are coming into the spotlight, but attention should also be given to the mountains of Takamatsu.
Another art festival, the Kagawa Yamanami Art Festival, takes place in the fall of 2019.

Yamanami Art Festival

The goal of the art festival is for artists and local people to collaboratively plan and organize events, draw out the potential of the community through the power of culture and art, and lead to the creation of new culture and the revitalization of the community.

Dance performance at the event – Fumihito Shimizu

《Scores1800_1-8》Kenichi Kanazawa

In contrast with the Setouchi Triennale, the venue of the Yamanami Art Festival is the mountains of Kagawa.

The Yamanami Art Festival takes place every three years in the Shionoe area of Takamatsu, coinciding with the Setouchi Triennale.

In the peaceful atmosphere amidst the mountains, visitors can relax, enjoying the art created in consideration of the works’ installation locations.

《Seed and Domain》Chizuko Tanaka

《Memories of Soil》Atsushi Yamaberi

Outdoor exhibits, characteristics of the event, will be the highlight of the festival, like previous years.

《YURAYURA-Momonohana-》Hideki Imoto

*All works shown here were exhibited at the Kagawa Yamanami Art Festival 2016.

Nishiteru Shrine, located in Mima-shi, Tokushima, and adjacent to Shionoe, across the prefectural border, also serves as a venue of the Yamanami Art Festival 2019. This is because Shionoe is home to many of the parishioners who come to the shrine.

In the prefecture, the Yamanami Art Festival 2019 partners with the Setouchi Triennale 2019.
After fully enjoying the Setouchi islands, let’s go to an art festival set in the mountains.
You will discover different kinds of art from the art on the islands.

Click here for detailed information about the art festival.
Yamanami Art Festival 2019

* The event has ended.

Shionoe-cho, Takamatsu-shi, is one of the venues of Yamanami Art Festival.
The area has flourished with cultural and art activities in recent years.

Setouchi Circus Factory

Modern circus is a form of modern art originating in France and involving the use of expressive techniques from many disciplines, such as theater, dance, and other fine arts.

Setouchi Circus Factory is the first modern circus organization in Japan.

Ms. Michiko Tanaka, representative of the organization, strongly wanted “a permanent place for practice and creative activities.” This led to the establishment of ShionoéAIR, a hub for creative activities in modern circus, on the former site of the gymnasium of the former Kaminishi Elementary School located in the Kaminishi area of Shionoe-cho.
The addition of accommodations is underway to strengthen the role of ShionoéAIR as a hub.

Shionoe was chosen as the hub because of its environment, surrounded by nature, and the local people’s hospitality and willingness to accept something new.

Currently, Setouchi Circus Factory focuses on Seto La Piste Konpira DanDan, a creative modern circus in Kagawa, and organizing other shows and workshops in Takamatsu-shi.

Aiming to encourage local culture and art and revitalize communities, Setouchi Circus Factory nurtures new cultures based on modern circus.

Click here for information about shows and other inquiries.

Setouchi Circus Factory
URL: (Mr. Murayama, Shionoe-cho Community Revitalization Team)
※Since they are active on an irregular basis, please contact them to inquirie about shows and tours.

Shionoe Museum of Art

The museum is located amidst the mountains, abundantly blessed with nature.

After renovation, it opened in the spring of 2019. The Setouchi Circus Factory also performed a small show to celebrate the beginning of a new phase of the museum’s history.

Since Shionoe Museum of Art was built with the goal of encouraging and developing culture and art throughout the Shionoe area, it functions as the cultural core of Shionoe.

Seasonal festivals and concerts take place around the museum. Furthermore, a paved road along the river runs close to the museum, making it a recreational place for local people, too.

Enjoy art along with rich nature among the mountains.

The museum collects and exhibits works donated by Mr. Toshiichi Kumano, a painter from Shionoe-cho, and other works associated with Kagawa. In addition, many different special exhibitions are organized.

In the summer of 2019, an exhibition associated with the Gasoline Car, a cultural heritage of Shionoe, began as a prefecturally collaborative project of the Setouchi Triennale 2019.

Period: August 10 to September 23, 2019

Beyond these things, the museum organizes many exhibits and workshops.
Check here for the latest information!

Shionoe Museum of Art, Takamatsu

Takamatsu is blessed with the culture and nature that fascinates artists, as well as a community that is willing to accept art.

These characteristics have taken root because of the Artist In Residence initiative which has extended since 2015 throughout Takamatsu including the inland areas and islands such as Oshima and Busshozan.

Artist In Residence
Also known as AIR, it aims to involve local people with art and revitalize the community by facilitating the production of art in the community, and also lead to the spread of art and development of artists.
At the same time, artists are invited from within and outside the country to temporarily stay in Takamatsu and concentrate on the production of their work. This initiative will also lead to the utilization of empty houses, abolished school buildings, empty stores in shopping areas and other underutilized resources in Takamatsu.

A walk around town that combined theater and other performances was demonstrated by Pepin Structural Designs and Busshozan Machi Planning Room (2016).

Toiki no Machi (Town of Breath)

Another commitment of AIR is the island-based production of works in Setouchi Triennale.

After enjoying the multi-island beauty and art of Setouchi, why don’t you go and see art interwoven with the four seasons in the mountains?


  • Kagawa Yamanami Art Festival 2019 SHIONOE/MANNO Executive Committee
  • Setouchi Circus Factory
  • Shionoe-cho Community Revitalization Team
  • Shionoe Onsen Tourist Association
  • Shionoe Museum of Art, Takamatsu

Gathering date:2019.9.27


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