Discover ten local souvenirs from Takamatsu, Kagawa, covering everything from sweets and food gifts to crafts and sundries, that we highly recommend!


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  • Discover ten local souvenirs from Takamatsu, Kagawa, covering everything from sweets and food gifts to crafts and sundries, that we highly recommend!

One of the best parts of traveling is finding souvenirs along the way and at the end of the trip.
Here are some of the best souvenirs that are easy to bring with you on your trip, selected by local souvenir professionals who know Takamatsu's unique products inside and out.
From classic local sweets and traditional handicrafts to unique sundries, you will be sure to find one that will make your heart flutter.
Their classic packaging designs are also worth noting.

Sweets and food gifts with flair that please both the eye and the palate


Wasanbon is a traditional sugar produced in eastern Kagawa Prefecture. Hiyori Wasanbon Factory makes lovely wasanbon confections inspired by the scenery of the Seto Inland Sea that respect the Japanese confectionery tradition.

Product nameSetouchi Hiyori
Price1,080 yen/3 pcs
Main retailersShikoku Shop 88

Honey Lemon Candy【Minec Co., Ltd.】

Beekeeping is practiced in Mineyama, near downtown Takamatsu. Honey Lemon Candy is a perfect combination of the natural sweetness of honey and the freshness of lemon.

Product nameHoney Lemon Candy
DistributorMinec Co., Ltd.(Mineyama Honey)
Price540 yen/120 g(Individually wrapped)
Main retailersRitsurin-An

Tsumande Mimai【Nogi Co., Ltd.】

Tsumande Mimai produced by Nogi Co., Ltd., a local confectionery, is a rice flour cookie that uses Japanese rice flour and comes in four flavors: sencha, soy sauce, salted soybean flour, and white miso lemon. Packaged in a box depicting local toys, it makes a perfect souvenir.

Product nameTsumande Mimai
ManufacturerNogi Co., Ltd.
Price1,188 yen/20 pcs(4 boxes each containing 5 pcs)
Main retailersRitsurin-An

Ototo-senbei【Kisaya-motozo Co. Ltd.】

Ototo-senbei are rice crackers made by pressing whole fish or shrimp on an iron plate by hand. The fish are locally caught in the Seto Inland Sea and carefully individually washed and prepared. With the whole fish or shrimp clearly and beautifully visible, the senbei are sure to be worthy of Instagram.

Product nameOtoto-senbei
ManufacturerKisaya-motozo Co. Ltd.
Price1,300 yen/6 pcs, 2,400 yen/10 pcs 
Main retailersKiosk Takamatsu Meihinkan、Ritsurin-An、Shikoku Shop 88

Dried udon noodles (regular/fine-cut)【Minoseimenjo Ltd.】

No additives are added; the udon noodles are made with only wheat, water, and salt. Insisting on hand kneading rather than using machines, Minoseimenjo produces noodles with the aroma of wheat and real resilience. With a long shelf life of about six months, their udon noodles are suitable souvenirs.

Product nameDried udon noodles (regular/fine-cut)
ManufacturerMinoseimenjo Ltd.
Price281 yen/140 g, 2 servings
Main retailersRitsurin-An、Town's Schule 963

Top of mountain coffee packs, Set of 3 kinds【Pushi Pushi Coffee】

Pushi Pushi Coffee, a home-roasted coffee bean store in Takamatsu City, offers coffee packets that make it easy to enjoy authentic drip coffee. Why not try them as souvenirs or enjoy coffee in your hotel during your trip?

Product nameTop of mountain coffee packs, Set of 3 kinds
ManufacturerPushi Pushi Coffee
Price1,080 yen / 3 packs (30 g x 3)
Main retailersTown's Schule 963

Stylish crafts and sundries from Takamatsu, Kagawa that make great travel memories or gifts

Aji Glass【Rie Glass Garden】

Rie Glass Garden creates glasswork fused with Aji stone, a high-grade stone found at the foot of Gokenzan in eastern Takamatsu. The beautiful blue color evokes the scenery of the Seto Inland Sea.
The atelier also produces green olive glass made by melting locally grown olive branches and leaves.

Product nameAji Glass Various models
ManufacturerRie Glass Garden
PricePrices vary from 1,000 yen to over 4,000 yen, depending on the item.
Main retailerskitahama blue stories、Ritsurin-An、YOSORA、Sanuki Toy Museum Shop(Open on April 25, 2022)

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Botaori kitchen cloths, coasters, and handkerchiefs【Iwabu Botaori Honpo】

Botaori is a traditional textile that was presented to the shogunate during the Edo period. The waffle cloth produced using a unique weaving technique is soft to the touch and highly absorbent.

Product nameBotaori kitchen cloths, coasters, and handkerchiefs
ManufacturerIwabu Botaori Honpo
PricePrices range from 660 yen to over 1,000 yen.
Main retailersShikoku Shop 88、Ritsurin-An、Sanuki Toy Museum Shop(Open on April 25, 2022)

Kikubori Mini Cup【Ichiwadou-Kougei Co., Ltd.】

Ichiwadou Handicraft produces lacquerware for daily use, with vivid colors and innovative designs. Kikubori Mini Cup, available in 13 colors, offers the pleasure of color selection. Lacquerware is also recommended for small children as it is lightweight and does not easily transfer heat to the hand.

Product nameKikubori Mini Cup
ManufacturerIchiwadou-Kougei Co., Ltd.
Price3630 yen
Main retailersSanuki Toy Museum Shop(Open on April 25, 2022)

Ishiko Chopsticks【Sanuki Urushi Sinra】

Sanuki Urushi Sinra, a group of creators from Ayagawa-cho, Ayauta-gun, produces new lacquerware products that uphold the traditions of Kagawa lacquerware. Ishiko Chopsticks, made by mixing very fine powder of hard and durable Aji stone with lacquer, have a beautiful matte chic appearance and strength suitable for daily use.

Product nameIshiko Chopsticks
ManufacturerSanuki Urushi Sinra
Price3850 yen
Main retailersTown's Schule 963、kitahama blue stories、YOSORA

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*All prices listed are valid as of March 2022 and include tax.

Discover concept stores in Takamatsu where you can find your own favorites!

Town's Schule 963

Based on the concept of being a place for lifestyle learning, Town's Schule 963 shares the food and culture of Kagawa and Shikoku. With a café, a gallery, and lifestyle goods, crafts and food sections, the shop features reliable products that are closely connected to everyday life.

Store nameTown's Schule 963
Address3bangai-higasikan-2F, Marugamemachi, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa
Business hoursStore 11:00-18:30
Café <Monday-Thursday>11:00-18:30 <Friday-Sunday>11:30-21:00
*Business hours are subject to change.
Regular holidaysThe third Monday of the month(The day following the third Monday of the month when that Monday is a national holiday.)

Kagawa Gift Shop Ritsurin-An

Located next to the east gate of Ritsurin Garden, a Special Place of Scenic Beauty, Ritsurin-An features souvenirs and local crafts from Kagawa Prefecture. The gift shop and its wide selection of products, ranging from classic staples to hidden delights attract tourists and also many local residents.

Store nameKagawa Gift Shop Ritsurin-An
Address1-20-16 Ritsurincho, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa
Business hours<March-September>10:00-18:00 <October, February>9:30-17:30 <November-January>9:00-17:00
Regular holidaysOpen all year.

kitahama blue stories

At Kitahama Blue Stories, a select store featuring local creators, you will find items filled with stories from the Setouchi region that will make your daily life more enjoyable.

Store namekitahama blue stories
Address4-10 Kitahamacho, Takamatsu, Kagawa
Business hours11:00-18:00
Regular holidaysTuesday

Sanuki Toy Museum Shop

The Sanuki Toy Museum Shop is inside the interactive art museum where visitors can touch and play with toys. The shop sells wooden toys for mokuiku, wood education, as well as traditional local crafts and original products developed in collaboration with local creators.

Store nameSanuki Toy Museum Shop
Address8-1 Daikumachi, Takamatsu, Kagawa
Business hours10:00-19:00
Regular holidaysThursday


Guided by their motto, "Enjoy yourself as much as possible," TOYTOYTOY has a selection of unique items including daily necessities, handcrafts and stationery made by traditional craftspeople. After visiting the store, take a stroll around the surrounding Busshozan area to enjoy the classic townscape.

Store nameTOYTOYTOY Store 1 / Store 2
AddressStore 1 455-2 Busshozancho Ko, Takamatsu, Kagawa
Store 2 454 Busshozancho Ko, Takamatsu, Kagawa
Business hours12:00-16:00 Open around 13:00 on Wednesdays
Regular holidaysMonday

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Kiosk Takamatsu Meihinkan

Located inside Takamatsu Station, Kiosk Takamatsu Meihinkan is a convenient place to stop at the end of your trip. It includes a 7-Eleven, so you can also purchase snacks and beverages.

Store nameKiosk Takamatsu Meihinkan
Address1-20 Hamanocho, Takamatsu, Kagawa
Business hours6:30-22:30
Regular holidaysOpen all year.

Shikoku Shop 88

Shikoku Shop 88 is a souvenir store in Takamatsu Symbol Tower, about a three-minute walk from Takamatsu Station, offering a wide variety of confections and processed foods from Shikoku's four prefectures. Local mascot goods are also available.

Store nameShikoku Shop 88
Address2-1 Sunport, Takamatsu, Kagawa
Business hours<March-November>10:00-21:00 <December-February>10:00-20:00
Regular holidaysOpen all year.


The airport's directly managed souvenir store on the second floor of Takamatsu Airport offers a wide selection of Shikoku specialties carefully selected by their buyers. The shop also sells art goods from museums in Kagawa Prefecture and the Setouchi Triennale.
*There are ten souvenir stores in addition to YOSORA at Takamatsu Airport.

Store nameYOSORA
Address1312-7 Konancho Oka, Takamatsu, Kagawa
Business hours7:00~20:00 *Business hours are subject to change.
Regular holidaysOpen all year.

Gathering date:2022.4.7


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