Sanuki Marché, the event for vegetables, fruits, bread, boxed lunches and sweets, and for experiencing Kagawa


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Sanuki Marché in Sunport takes place in the Sunport Takamatsu area on the third Sunday of the month. Sunport Takamatsu is a three-minute walk from JR Takamatsu Station.

Participants set up cute red and white tents at the venue. People, including families, people walking dogs and tourists, come to the venue.

At Sanuki Marché, there are crafts and foods such as vegetables, fruits, bread, precooked foods, sweets and beverages. All of the things you find there are freshly picked products, healthy foods, items that producers have made carefully and affectionately and other local Kagawa products.

Visitors look for producers' specialties and things only available at Sanuki Marché. You can learn how to enjoy rare vegetables or know unusual cooking methods for familiar vegetables there. It is one of the good things of Sanuki Marché.

Some other islanders come to the event to talk with producers.
Sometimes, producers and regular visitors get to know each other. If regular visitors ask producers to offer items they want, producers may develop new products. And sometimes, vendors collaborate to develop products that are only available at Sanuki Marché.

Sanuki Marché has a monthly theme, such as the blessings of the sea, fermentation, salt and soy sauce, or wheat and bread. You will naturally discover the culinary culture of Kagawa while shopping at the market.

Among the recent themes, curry was the most popular.

You can see crafts and experience food preparation, in addition to shopping.

Shido Geta making

Miso making

Every summer, you can make paulownia geta (wood clogs), a traditional industry in Shido, Sanuki. During winter, you can make miso using Oidemai, a branded rice from Kagawa, and salt from the Seto Inland Sea. Many people come back annually to enjoy these experiences.

Buy boxed lunches and sweets and go to Sunport Square or Takamatsu Port.
Enjoy the superior taste of Kagawa while feeling the sea breeze from the Seto Inland Sea.

Walk around Sunport Takamatsu

A landscape of roses and the Seto Inland Sea

There are about 250 rose bushes with about 40 varieties of rose in the rose gardens on the Takamatsu Harbor Promenade at Takamatsu Port. In May, different colored roses bloom. Take a photo of the Seto Inland Sea over the spectacular arch of roses.

The landscape of Takamatsu Port

Ships and boats enter and leave Takamatsu Port, heading for other islands. Go for a stroll to watch the uniquely painted ships.

▼Special feature on Takamatsu ferries! Experience a resort cruise on Jumbo Ferry Aoi

Tamamo Park, the Historic Site of Takamatsu Castle, connected to the sea

Takamatsu Castle is one of the Three Great Water Castles of Japan with seawater drawn into its moat.

You can feed the sea bream living in the moat from a small boat.

▼Imagine that you are a feudal lord or princess and make your wish come true by feeding sea breams.


Sanuki Marche at Sunport

The area surrounding Sunport Takamatsu
Date and time
Date:The third Sunday of the month 10:00-15:00

Gathering date:2024.1.24 / Sanuki Marche at Sunport


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