Three select beaches in Takamatsu


The Seto Inland Sea is calm, located between Honshu and Shikoku. The beauty of the landscape with many islands has mesmerized tourists and travelers since ancient times. Tranquil port towns and relaxing beaches await. Take a day trip to the remote islands featuring these beaches.

Cape Takei (Aji-cho)

It is about 40 minutes by car to go from the central part of Takamatsu to Aji, a fishing town with many fishing boats anchored at the port.

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There is a beach with very clear water at the tip of Aji Peninsula.

View beautiful scenery, including Shodoshima Island, which is famous for olives, and the islands in Seto Inland Sea.

You cannot help but go to the water's edge, enticed by the beautiful ripples.

Takei Kannon Temple is located next to the beach. The temple deifies the guardian god of the demon's gate of Takamatsu Castle. Chikamasa Ikoma, lord of Sanuki Province, and Yorishige Matsudaira, the first feudal lord of Takamatsu Domain, worshipped there. It has been regarded as an important spiritual place with mystical energy for ages.

The dedicated statue of the Goddess of Mercy is located in the naturally-formed, mysterious cave. Go there to pray after a walk on the beach. Photos are prohibited inside the cave.

Yumigahama (Megijima)

Megijima Island is popular, located near Takamatsu Port. It is easy to visit.

During the busy season in August, more ferryboats operate and seaside houses are opened on the island that is usually very quiet. The island is crowed with people enjoying barbecue and a swim in the sea.

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Disembark from the ferry and walk five minutes while looking at the artwork placed here and there.

Then, you will come across a white sandy beach beyond pine groves that offer cool shade.

The beach was reinforced and the Ministry of the Environment selected it as one of the top 100 beaches in Japan. The white of the sandy beach contrasts well with the blue of the ocean.

Koibito Misaki is the tip of the pier, made from piled stone, where you can view the entire island. See the Seto Inland Sea while being protected from the elements.

Yashima is the lava plateau that has been specified as a national natural monument. It is characterized by the roof-like shape called a mesa.

A certain geography buff recommends going to the sea or one of the islands for the most beautiful view of the mesa of Yashima. Compare it with the view from Takamatsu Port.

Swiming in the sea is possible. There are shower rooms and rest rooms near the beach.

In summer, seaside houses are opened where you can rest and eat. It is very busy on the weekends.

Benches face the sea on the promenade along the beach.

People rest or take photos while looking at the fishing boats and the red ferry from which they just disembarked. They spend time at the beach as they like. What about you?

Oi Beach (Ogijima)

The ferry leaves Takamatsu Port, passes Megijima Island and goes to Ogijima Island located behind it.

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To go to the beach of Ogijima Island from the port, walk about 20 minutes through the residential area.

Pass the artworks that are about to run to the ocean. The beach is right there.

Although it is a bit far from the port, the beach is not crowed at all and has a calm atmosphere.
Thankfully, there is a roofed rest area.

Enjoy bathing in the sea as shower rooms and rest rooms are available.

Shower rooms and rest rooms are roomy and separated by gender. They are convenient.

It takes about an hour (40 minutes by ferry and 20 minutes on foot) to go from Takamatsu Port to the beach where you can feel tranquility specific to the island's sea.


Cape Takei (Aji-cho)

Yumigahama (Megijima)

Oi Beach (Ogijima)

Gathering date:2018.7.20 / Cape Takei (Aji-cho)



Yu Sakaguchimore

Yu Sakaguchi is a photographer who photographs the beautiful scenery of the 138 habited islands in the Seto Inland Sea, agricultural, mountain and fishing villages in Shikoku. He makes his living in design work relating to primary industry. His website Monogatari o Todokeru Shigoto (“The Job of Delivering Stories”) introduces the beautiful scenery, culinary culture and various other aspects of Shikoku and the islands of the Seto Inland Sea, and has been accessed by users in over 160 different countries. Feeling that it would be difficult to preserve the scenery in front of him for the next generation by simply distributing information alone, together with his fellow Shikoku-loving companions, he launched Shikoku Taberu (Food) Tsushin magazine, and began his work communicating the food culture and stories of the region. He is a director for the Sanagouchi Village foundation. He was awarded the Japan Ningenryoku (“Human Skill”) Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award in 2015.


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Masaki Minagawa was born in Osaka in 1985. After graduating from the Japan Institute of Photography and Film, he started work at Nice! Ltd., where he learned mainly bridal and other human photography; before becoming independent and establishing Nocos photography in 2015. His current activities focus primarily on family, bridal and commemorative photographs. He also shoots photographs for corporate homepages, advertisements and architectural work.


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Eri Kotaki was born in Takamatsu, in Kagawa prefecture. After studying fashion, color and graphic design at university, she developed a love of travel, local gourmet cuisine and photography; and became an editor/writer. After working in various positions in editorial production and publishing companies in Tokyo, she joined the Takamatsu City Regional Promotion Cooperative Group in July 2017. She now spends her days uncovering and communicating information about the appeal and attraction of Takamatsu and its surrounding areas. Her top recommended location is the night view from Sunport Takamatsu. Her most recommended train is the Hiyaku, which runs on the Takamatsu-Kotohira Electric Railroad.

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