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As of May 2022

KAGAWA Wi-Fi Takamatsu, a free public wireless LAN service operating in Takamatsu City

There is free Wi-Fi for everyone at any time throughout an unprecedentedly broad area that includes the 2.7-kilometer shopping arcade, arguably the longest of its kind in Japan, Sunport Takamatsu, and many other locations!

SSID KAGAWA-WiFi_Takamatsu
Business hours when the service is available. 30 minutes per session(As many sessions as you like)
Fee Free
Usable by: Anyone with a device that uses Wi-Fi
User authentication method Authentication using an email address or SNS authentication

KAGAWA Wi-Fi Takamatsu : Areas

KAGAWA Wi-Fi Takamatsu is available in the following areas.

(1) Sunport Takamatsu
Takamatsu Symbol Tower(Citizens Gallery, Communication Plaza, Open foyer, Olive Tower) Exhibition Hall(1st floor of Hall Building, Decks Galleria)
Pedestrian-only street on the west side of Takamatsu Symbol Tower, Takamatsu Station Square, Multipurpose Plaza, Tamamo area along Takamatsu Port (10-meter quay), Waiting room on the 2nd floor of Takamatsu Port passenger terminal building
(2) In the Takamatsu Chuo Shotengai arcade

Notes on security measures for the public wireless LAN service

To enhance convenience, the service is not encrypted. Refrain from using the service to exchange personal information and/or important data.

Users of the service should ensure the security of the devices with which the service is used. The municipal government of Takamatsu City assumes no responsibility for any damage or loss you incur or any dispute with a third party arising from your use of the service.

Refer to the website of the Kagawa Prefectural Police Department for notes and precautions about the use of the public wireless LAN.